Welcome to Alaska Arms, LLC

We are a state-of-the-art CNC machine shop located in Big Lake, Alaska, with over 35 years of manufacturing experience in fields that include aerospace, medical, military and custom firearms.  The last five years we have focused our efforts on serving a discriminating clientele seeking the finest OEM parts for their firearms.  All of our products are proudly made in the U.S.A. and are certified made in Alaska.

  • CZ 550 Quick Detachable Scope Rings
  • Ruger Quick Detachable Scope Rings
  • Mauser 98 Replacement Trigger
  • Classic Obendorf style Bolt handles
  • CZ Style Gunsmith Scope Ring Bases



If you're looking for aftermarket products that enhance the functionality and appearance of customized firearms and factory firearms, you have come to the right place. Alaska Arms LLC has a unique selection of high precision products that fit into both of these categories. Our modern CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine shop is based out of Big Lake, which is a community in Alaska. Our customers have come to trust us because of the exceptional quality of our products based on more than 35 years background in the manufacturing world serving various industries, including the military, healthcare and aerospace. Customized firearm products and accessories for them are the core of our business here at Alaska Arms LLC.

If you're looking for the best OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) components for the firearms you own, our products are the choice for you here at Alaska Arms LLC.

Our many high-quality products include gunsmith scope ring bases (CZ style), Obendorf style bolt handles (classic), Mauser 98 replacement triggers, quick detachable scope rings from Ruger and CZ 550 quick detachable scope rings. Our items were all manufactured in the United States. They have certification that proves that they were manufactured in the wonderful state of Alaska, as well.


Our website design provides convenience for people who are looking to purchase our many products. If you want to explore all of your choices in Ruger scope mounts, for example, you can easily do so using our selection matrix. If you want to explore all of your choices in CZ scope rings and gunsmith components, you can do the same. The high-quality gunsmith parts we sell here at Alaska Arms LLC include the classic Obendorf Mauser bolt handles and a Winchester Model 70 style adjustable trigger to replace Mauser 98 parts. At Alaska Arms LLC, we make a point only to carry the best products around, period. We're committed to providing all our customers with only the very finest. That's simply how we operate and our products are guaranteed or your money back.

We accept numerous different forms of payment. Our customers can pay for products using PayPal. They can also pay for products using several types of credit cards. These credit cards include Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. If you ever have any questions regarding available payment options, feel free to ask us at any time. Our customer service is truly friendly and detail-oriented.

When you're looking for the best and fastest detachable scope ring design, you'll find Alaska Arms LLC unequaled. Our quick detachable scope rings are superbly designed and can be rigidly mounted or removed with a simple 1/4 turn of the two levers. Scopes using our quick detachable rings have inordinate versatility in the field where potentially hazardous game can be encountered at close range, where the scope is removed, or at longer ranges, where the scope can be mounted. Scopes using these ring sets will consistently return to zero after being removed and then reattached. We are so confident in this that we offer a money back guarantee.

Customers can feel totally comfortable depending on the team at Alaska Arms LLC. Our business website features glowing comments from people who have purchased from our company before. Whether you're looking to buy excellent gunsmith parts, Ruger scope rings, Ruger gun parts or anything else, we're able to help you out. Call or email us at Alaska Arms LLC if you need more information. You can also send us a fax at 866-583-6319