Ruger Scope Rings

If you're looking for aftermarket products that enhance the functionality and appearance of customized firearms and factory firearms, you have come to the right place. Ruger scope rings are among Alaska Arms LLC’s unique selection of high-precision products that fit into both of these categories. Our CZ scope rings and Ruger scope rings offer a very high-quality, enhanced-functionality replacement for factory rings.

Our modern CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine shop is based out of Big Lake, which is a community in Alaska. Our customers have come to trust us because of the exceptional quality of our products based on more than 35 years background in the manufacturing world serving various industries, including the military, healthcare, and aerospace.

This experience has led to the development of CZ scope rings and Ruger scope rings that enable maximum accuracy potential from rifles through their precise fit and finish. These Ruger scope rings and CZ scope rings are the core of customized firearm products and accessories manufactured here at Alaska Arms LLC.

Our high-quality products include gunsmith scope ring bases (CZ style), Obendorf style bolt handles (classic), Mauser 98 replacement triggers, quick-detachable Ruger scope rings, and quick-detachable CZ 550 scope rings. 

Our items were all manufactured in the United States. They have certification that proves that they were manufactured in the wonderful state of Alaska as well.

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Remington Rolling Block .40-65 WCF Barreled Action

August 01, 2018

This 1902 action was barreled for the 7x57 Mauser and as such is of late production.  These actions are strong and are made of high quality steel. A pistol-gripped trigger guard was fitted to replace the original straight grip and this reconfiguration affords a range of final configurations. Additionally, the front of the action was contoured from the original round to an octagon, the rear of the action has been scalloped and the hammer spur and breach block ear have been reshaped to pleasing contours like the commercial Remington rifles. The Krieger barrel was finished to 28 inches and is chambered for the .40-65 WCF cartridge and contoured in the relatively uncommon Remington Rigby treatment.  This treatment consists of three...

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Winchester Model 70 .375 H&H Magnum Barreled Action

July 01, 2018

Modifications to this action include cloverleaf tang, four-panel McFarland checkered bolt knob, Wisner Drop box bottom metal and altered rails to accommodate reliable feeding of the .375 H&H Magnum cartridge. Custom scope ring bases were installed with a set of Burgess style quick detachable rings made by Stan McFarland.  This scope mounting system affords very quick removal or mounting of the scope. I used a 24" Marquart cut rifled blank merging the concept of a ½ round ½ octagon barrel with the ovate profiles I have been profiling .This blank was profiled to a full ovate to octagon with the ovate section at the muzzle.  The clean top of the barrel is interrupted near the breach with a sleek, low...

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Miniature BSA Switch Barrel Martini .17 HMR, .22WRM Barreled Action

June 01, 2018

This rifle exhibits the culmination of features that were initiated when I designed and created four barrels for a takedown BSA Model 6 action, for my friend Denny Daigger.  This project developed into one of the most perfect Martini’s I have ever seen and became the proofing project for production of sophisticated barrel contours using CNC mill.  Additional features evolved as another miniature Martini project was being created and this and my barreled action project were developed in parallel. Although the action was a Model 12, a BSA model that has thick side walls, I liked the contour of the takedown Model 6 that I had worked on earlier.  The non-takedown Model 6 has thin side walls but the takedown Model...

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.470 Nitro Express Rifle Barreled Action

May 01, 2018

It's all classics: a British single shot action, a long ovate barrel profile and the British .470 Nitro Express cartridge.  Unexcelled quality and workmanship in a stockmaker ready package.

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