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If you're looking for aftermarket products that enhance the functionality and appearance of customized firearms and factory firearms, you have come to the right place. Alaska Arms LLC has a unique selection of high precision products that fit into both of these categories. Our modern CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine shop is based out of Big Lake, which is a community in Alaska. Our customers have come to trust us because of the exceptional quality of our products based on more than 35 years background in the manufacturing world serving various industries, including the military, healthcare and aerospace. Customized firearm products and accessories for them are the core of our business here at Alaska Arms LLC.

Our many high-quality products include gunsmith scope ring bases (CZ style), Obendorf style bolt handles (classic), Mauser 98 replacement triggers, quick detachable scope rings from Ruger and CZ 550 quick detachable scope rings. Our items were all manufactured in the United States. They have certification that proves that they were manufactured in the wonderful state of Alaska, as well.

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Dan Petersen Rifle

February 28, 2016

I was contacted by a client who wanted to give his bear guide a custom rifle as a tip for the successful bear hunt where he harvested a beautiful 10 ft 6 in fall brown bear. As the rifle would only be used when things turned bad the cartridge selected was the .416 Remington to be built on magnum pre-64 Winchester Model 70 action. The action's claw extractor and three-position safety make it an ideal choice for a big game guide's backup rifle in Alaska where pursuing a poorly shot bear into thick cover can be quite dangerous and stressful.  Shots in these situations can range from a few feet to a few yards making a scope with quick detachable rings ideal for the optical system....

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Ovate Rifle Barrel From Full Round Blanks

August 04, 2015

This article about preparation of rifle barrel blanks to create an ovate rifle barrel for a Martini rifle project first appeared in the Spring 2015 edition of “Gunmaker-Journal of Custom Gunmaking” magazine.  The American Custom Gunmakers Guild is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the art of fine custom gunmaking.  Associate membership is available to anyone and professional membership is available to associate members that have achieved peer recognition for achieving the organization’s standards of finest gunmaking. By Dennis DaiggerThis is Part 1 of a 2-part article about the barrels for a multi-barrel Model 6 BSA takedown Martini rifle project. In Part 1 I describe what was required to get the barrel blanks ready for CNC profiling and in Part...

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Alaska Arms LLC quick detachable scope rings on custom rifle

September 20, 2014

Another application of Alaska Arms LLC quick detachable scope rings on custom rifle. Morris, “I don’t know if you can use these or not, but I just finished a rifle on a Granite Mountain Arms action and used one of the ring sets you sent me.” “The rings have been working great and I really appreciate how helpful you’ve been.” Regards,Matthew RobertsMNR Custom LLC

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Custom installation of Alaska Arms LLC scope rings

September 19, 2014

American Custom Gunmakers Guild member James Tucker used Alaska Arms LLC gunsmith bases and the CZ quick detachable scope rings on this custom Mauser rifle.  These rings are ideally suited to this application as they are sleek and highly reliable for returning to zero when the scope is removed and and reattached.

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