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Frequently Asked Questions

What height rings do I need for my CZ550, BRNO ZG47 and 21H or 600 series?

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For 1 inch scopes with 42MM objective lenses Order CZ41LCZ41L and for scopes with 50MM objective lenses Order CZ51LCZ51L.

Note:The CZ31LCZ31L Rings can be used only with gunsmith bases.

For 30MM scopes the CZ330LCZ330L Rings can only be used if the stem of the bolt handle is slightly modified. If the bolt handle is not to be modified use CZ430LCZ430L for 42MM objective lenses and CZ530LCZ530L Rings for 50MM objective lenses.

What are the dovetail dimensions for the custom bases for CZ Rings?

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A drawing can be downloaded from our web site www.Alaskaarmsllc.com

What size rings do I need for my Ruger?

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Click on the Ruger ring selection chart link located on our homepage. You need to know three things in order to select the appropriate scope ring set: the Ruger firearm model; the scope tube diameter; and; the scope objective lens diameter. For all Ruger ring applications refer to the Ruger ring chart. Alaska Arms LLC Quick detachable rings are manufactured in the same heights that are offered by Ruger.

If the Ruger factory rings that came with my gun are the correct height for my scope, how do I order the same height from you?

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Look on the face of your Ruger rings for the ring #. This will be a single digit and will be a 3,4,5 or 6 for 1” rings or 4,5 or 6 for 30MM rings. Be sure to check the number on each ring as the Group 2 Ruger firearms use different height rings for the front and rear ring.

I see I can order your Ruger rings with the levers on the left or right side of the rings. What do I need to know to make this decision?

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Typically, a right-handed rifle shooter wants the rings on the left hand side and a left-handed rifle shooter wants the rings on the right hand side. This places the levers away from the loading and ejection port. For single shots it is up to the shooter. Handgun hunters prefer the levers away from their body when the gun is holstered.

I ordered the wrong rings. What do I do now?

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The ring set may be returned for exchange. You will need to pay shipping both ways and return all original material supplied with the ring set. Please note we only accept rings for return that have not been installed on a firearm. Returns are not accepted for exchange unless you supply the make and model of your firearm along with the diameter of your scope (1 inch or 30MM) and diameter of the objective lens. This will ensure that the mistake will not be repeated.

Do I need to use the friction paper that came with my scope rings?

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Yes. It protects the scope tube and prevents your scope from slipping in the rings under heavy recoil.

I improperly installed the screws in my scope ring set and striped out the screw heads. What do I do now?

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Send your scope to Alaska Arms, LLC and for a $50.00 fee plus $20.00 return shipping we will remove and replace striped out screws. Obtain the correct tools to properly install your scope.

I improperly installed the screws in my rings and damaged the heads. I was able to remove the screws. Where do I get more?

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We sell replacement screw packs. Select the appropriate pack from the “Ring Set Spare Parts” and correctly install the replacement screws.

Do you have any videos of your products being used?

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Click on the YouTube video links to view product packagaing, product installation and ring set shooting videos.

How do I contact Alaska Arms LLC?

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click on the Contact Us link.

Can you recommend Rings for me?

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Yes. You will need to supply the make and model of your firearm, specify whether it is a right hand or a left hand action, the scope tube diameter (1 inch or 30mm) and the objective lens diameter of your scope. Enter this info in the Contact Us page (Contact Us link).

Can I install your quick detachable scope ring set myself or will I need to have them professionally installed?

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Review our installation videos and determine if you have the proper tools and skills to perform the installation. If not, seek the services of a competent gunsmith.

I had my gunsmith install one of your triggers. How do I know if the trigger was properly installed and adjusted?

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Review our trigger installation and adjustment videos and verify visually as well as mechanically that your trigger is functioning safely.


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