.470 Nitro Express Rifle Barreled Action

.470 Nitro Express Rifle Barreled Action

Posted by Morris Melani on 1st May 2018

I offer complete custom metal work to the gun making trade that is finished and ready for stocking and engraving.

I recently completed a group of four unique rifle projects, each in a classic caliber and configuration with custom features that will add to the elegance of a top quality finished firearm.

The first is a modern manufactured falling block action made by Hein. It is based on a classic British action, the 1897 Webley falling block pattern. This is a superbly well made action with a crisp trigger, massive extractor and positive safety. The fit and finish is about the best I have seen. This was a perfect candidate for the .470 Nitro dangerous game rifle that I have wanted to build along classic British single shot lines.

I started with a full round 1.450” diameter Krieger barrel that was fit to the action, cut and crowned to 26”. The basic profile of the barrel is ovate with a .825” muzzle diameter and a generous rib that draws the eye to a front sight sitting nicely on a short base. For a rear sight I chose a simple single standing to be filed in after stocking. The sling swivel stud is integral and locate 12” forward of the receiver face keeping it clear of the hand under recoil. This spacing allows for a classic British forearm which will be attached with a wedge rather than a screw for a much more classic look and feel.

The plain safety button was replaced with one that had more classic lines.

After all metalwork was completed all polishing was done with a .320 grit stone and a fine abrasive giving all metal a classic frosted finish