Remington Rolling Block .40-65 WCF Barreled Action

Remington Rolling Block .40-65 WCF Barreled Action

Posted by Morris Melani on 1st Aug 2018

This 1902 action was barreled for the 7x57 Mauser and as such is of late production. These actions are strong and are made of high quality steel.

A pistol-gripped trigger guard was fitted to replace the original straight grip and this reconfiguration affords a range of final configurations.

Additionally, the front of the action was contoured from the original round to an octagon, the rear of the action has been scalloped and the hammer spur and breach block ear have been reshaped to pleasing contours like the commercial Remington rifles.

The Krieger barrel was finished to 28 inches and is chambered for the .40-65 WCF cartridge and contoured in the relatively uncommon Remington Rigby treatment. This treatment consists of three flats at the breach of the barrel and is an elegant touch to complement the octagonal forward part of the action. The remainder of the barrel is a straight round taper.

Sights are a mid-range Soule rear and a hooded peep front made by Montana Vintage Arms.

A hooked buttplate is also part of the project lending a number of possibilities for final configuration including a mid-range target rifle, a short-range target rifle and a Schuetzen rifle.